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One of the most overlooked items in a list of home improvements, yet often the easiest to accomplish, is upgrading the appearance of your front door. Your front door is usually the first thing a guest or a potential buyer sees; it will be the first impression a visitor gets of your home. Even more important than its appearance is the increased safety that a securely locked front door can give you. Upgrading the look and security of your front door is as simple as upgrading your door hardware to Kwikset Door Knobs, Kwikset Door Levers, Kwikset Deadbolts and Kwikset Handlesets. The style, color, finish, and appointments all convey information about the comfort and security of your home. Of course, Kwikset hardware isn’t just for your front door. Their impressive array of products will install easily and securely on every door in your house, at the same time maintaining a consistent look and style to your home.

Kwikset is an American company with more than 50 years of experience in designing, building, and selling door locks and door hardware. During its illustrious history it pioneered many of the advances in present-day door security hardware, including electronic, keyless locking systems. Its extensive line-up of products is well known for quality, style, convenience, and security.

Kwikset is part of Black & Decker’s Hardware & Home Improvement group of companies. Their K Keyway technology allows homeowners to program all Kwikset Smartkey Locks in the home to use the same key. This technology gives the homeowner the ability to quickly and easily rekey all the locks in case a key is lost or stolen.

Kwikset is also a leader in keyless entry, touchpad and biometric entry systems. Such technologies give homeowners the latest advances in domestic security hardware at an affordable price. For example, the Kevo locking system gives homeowners the ability to conveniently and securely lock and unlock their doors using their smart phones. And if you don’t happen to have your smart phone with you, there is an electronic key fob that you can attach to a key chain or jacket zipper.

Functionality and security aren’t the only advantages of Kwikset door hardware. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the appearance of your entryway says a lot about your home. There is a large variety of hardware configurations to choose from, including door knobs, door levers, handle sets, deadbolts, and electronic entry keypads. Each configuration comes in many styles and finishes. Polished brass, antique nickel, satin chrome, Venetian bronze, rustic pewter, and iron black are some of the many choices of finish available. The Lifetime Polished Brass carries a lifetime warranty on the finish itself. Just as important, Kwikset doorway hardware is renowned for its ease of installation.

Kwikset locks are certified by the America National Standards Institute (ANSI) Builders Hardware Manufacturing Association (BHMA), and by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The Kwikset Series 980 Deadbolt passed the UL 437 11.6.1 pick test, one of the most stringent lock picking tests in the world.

Kwikset Kevo

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