Door Knobs

Door Knobs, Beauty and Function for Everyone

Door knobs can find their history in ancient Egypt; this is where the first doors and knobs as we know them were used. They have been made out of wood, of all types, stone, bronze and today metal, plastic and glass, paper and even cloth. There are almost as many types of doors as there are materials to make them, single doors, double doors, sliding and folding doors, pocket doors, hidden and false doors. Many doors are made for a specific use such as interior or exterior and they all serve a function.

A door can be automatic like those used in retail environments and have been used in businesses since the late 50’s, or garage doors. Private homes usually have manual doors; they must be opened by hand, unless they are specially designed such as a door for the handicapped.

Doors are generally used to keep people out of the home or business, or to keep them in. They close off areas in a home or shop that are not in use, and sometimes keep a mess from being seen, they provide privacy and beauty.

Doors are made to be seen and used, they are a functional tool that every human being on the planet use almost on a daily bases, and they provide energy efficiency. Doors will never be out of fashion or use. They are a necessary element to almost any building, whether it is a home or a business office or shop.

If there is a door, most of the time there will be door knobs. As with doors, door knobs come in different styles, colors, sizes and materials. There are four basic door knob types: the keyed entrance door knob such as the Baldwin Reserve or the Kwikset Polo is the standard knob found in most homes and businesses. It requires a key to unlock and may be used in several area of a home of business. Next there is the privacy door knob such as Kwikset Tylo or the Schlage Georgian, this type of door knob is used mainly in bathrooms and can only be locked from one side and has a turn button lock. Dummy door knobs are knobs that are only on one side of a door like the Kwikset Polo Knob and are used mainly for a decorative effect. Last but certainly not the least is the passage door knob, a good example would be the Schlage Orbit door knob, this type of door knob is usually used on hallway doors or closets or any door that does not require locking.

Door knobs are just a design component that provides beauty, they have many advantages. Locking door knobs provide safety and security; door knobs provide safety from the elements such as wind and rain preventing a door from opening and letting the weather into the interior of the home or building.

Door knobs have been and always will be used to ensure privacy in a home or office and allow people comfort in knowing that they will not be intruded upon. Artful or decorative door knobs provide beauty to any space and enhance the visual appeal of a door, many of which are made by designers such as crystal and glass knobs, painted porcelain and metal. Door knobs come in all shapes and sizes and shapes such as roses, animal faces and many more.

Individuals and businesses are customizing their homes and shops, and expecting function as well as beauty, door knobs add both to any door. It isn’t just front doors and back doors, or bedrooms and baths, door knobs are used on cupboard doors in the kitchen, on entertainment centers, even on drawers and other pieces of furniture and fixtures throughout the home or building. On average a three bedroom, two bath home has approximately twelve doors, not to mention cupboards or dresser doors or drawers, there can be up to fifty or more, all of these doors, no matter what type of door or what they are attached to usually have door knobs. Being creative and personalizing the door knobs in each room or on each piece of furniture is a great way to enhance the homes beauty and usually at an affordable price. There are so many styles and looks to choose from that it is almost impossible to run out of choices.

Schlage Door Knobs

Most door knobs can be installed rather easily by the do it yourselfer. These locks can be purchased at home improvement stores, hardware stores and even department stores. For the best selection visit Factory Direct Hardware to find the widest and best selection of deadbolts.

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