Electronic Deadbolt Locks

Electronic Deadbolts, Safe, Functional and Hands Free.

Have you ever searched in the dark for your keys to unlock your front or interior garage door, perhaps the back door? There is a simple solution to this issue in the form of electronic locks. The electronic deadbolt can work with a remote control key fob to open your deadbolt with a single push of a button. Most are easy to install and to use, even if you are not a hi-tech expert. Most electronic deadbolts have the added bonus of a dial pad for codes that you pick yourself or come pre-programed to unlock the deadbolt, and many also have a keyed lock for extra peace of mind in the event you forget your code or the remote.

If you have children who are still infants, your arms are usually full when you are trying to unlock your house door, an electronic deadbolt that comes with a remote control makes it easy to unlock and open the door without the necessity of choosing between putting your child down or fumbling with the key and lock. This applies equally to grocery bags, suit cases or boxes of any size, as well as anything else you carry in your arm and that prevents you from having a free hand or two.

An electronic deadbolt is ideal for anyone who has a babysitter, housekeeper, or needs to let a repairman in the house, and any contractors that needs entree into your home when you can’t be there. Most electronic deadbolts allow you to program a code for each person you want or need to give access to. With most electronic locks you are given the option of programming in several codes at the same time, after which you can delete the codes so that they no longer function, or reserve them for the individual use of the person you assign the code to. The keypad entry eliminates the need to carry keys while walking the dog or exercising.

While the deadbolt appears to be a traditional door lock, the electronic deadbolt comes with many high end features, many of which can be programmed from a computer, tablet or smartphone. A good many electronic deadbolts have back-lit keypads that come in handy when you are getting home after dark and there are no outside lights on, or if you have trouble seeing in the dark.

Most electronic deadbolts are powered by battery and are concealed in the compartment that is inside of your home so they cannot be removed unless it is done so from inside the house. This is a good safety feature that most people find comforting.

The look of the electronic deadbolts can vary and come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes to complement any door hardware. Installation is typically very easy and can be completed with a screw driver if your door already has a deadbolt attached. You simply remove the old hardware and follow the instructions that come in the package with the keyless deadbolt lock. If you do not have an existing deadbolt on your door, it will be necessary to drill out a hole to accommodate the size needed for the lock, and this may entail hiring someone to help with the installation.

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