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Single Casting Technology

Parmir faucets first derived stainless steel Single Cast Technology for the making of the hollow cavity inside of their faucets stainless steel bodies. This unique process can not be reached through traditional casting techniques & is hard to accomplish. Currently, most stainless steel faucet makers use precision casting technology to cast stainless steel parts along with using a welding process or forging the parts first, then welding them together afterwards. The exterior appearances of both the single and precision cast faucet types looks to be the same. However, the internal components of the precision cast faucet type will have clear welding traces which can easily rust & corrode. During the cold & hot water circulation process the welded parts can cause water weeping, leaking & can even burst. On the contrary, faucets made with Single Casting Technology are difficult to make & have higher investment costs however, the performance standards exceed much more than that of welded faucets.

Parmir faucets are made of SS304 Stainless Steel. Their products can be re-polished which will renew their original look & beauty after decades of use. Parmir faucets are all produced by Single Casting Technology with the highest quality assurance.

Go Green with Parmir Faucets

Parmir faucets is about over 1000 mountain glaciers, the natural landscape show obvious vertical changes. Here the tourist resources are rich, unique natural landscape, climatic and ecological diversity there is full of strange flowers and grass at the foot of the mountain, fountains, hot springs, lakes, pasture dotted with snowy mountains valley. The ancient cultural sites distribute between the high ice mountains like a stone city or a princess castle. A beautiful environment with fresh air.

Parmir faucets aim is at creating a more modernized, healthy, green home for human life. Take green and health conceptions into goods production,reduce the pollution to the environment, our company aims at improving the living environment for the development goals all the time.

Parmir Faucets Intention

Parmir faucets main intention is environmental protection, health, bring the faucets world into the environment far away from the pollution, take the original environmental ecological concept people look forward to into the bathroom industry.

Parmir Faucets

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