Handlesets Offer Front Door Elegance

The front entry door is more than simply another part of the home or office. It must be secure, functional and a showpiece to be proud of. It is the first impression visitors have of the home or office. It is important to install the right handleset to convey the atmosphere, the elegance and style of the area, and to be certain the front door handle complements the setting, provides security, and peace of mind.

Security and functionality are only half of the equation when finding the right door handlesets. It is also about style, utility and durability. Leading manufacturers such as Schlage, Kwikset, Emtek and many others have many styles and finishes to choose from including traditional and contemporary styles.

Door levers and door handlesets have been in use for centuries around the world. America began engineering them in the mid to late 1850’s. In colonial days door handles were assembled from wood or string, and leather which formed a very basic latch. The old-style round door handleset did not make its appearance until the eighteenth century. Door hardware was almost entirely imported until the entrance of the decorative door handleset that was first displayed in 1876.

The first door handles were made of a wide variety of materials and included glass knobs made from pressed or cut glass, wooden knobs, and porcelain and ceramic knobs that were popular through the 19th century into the first half of the 20th century have made a comeback in recent years. In Victorian times there was an abundance of decorative bronze and brass door handles. There have been over one thousand antique door handles and handlesets cataloged by collectors from this time period.

Locking door handlesets are a necessity in the world today, the process to create steel locks was employed starting in 1896 and made by hand and included no extra features. Today the modern door handlesets have such features as spring locks, dead bolts, electronic devices that do not require a key but use a programmed numeric code or a combination of a code and key.

If there is a single door, a door handleset with a single cylinder deadbolt is all that is required. The deadbolt locks with a key on the outside. It locks or unlocks with a single turn on the inside. If it is a glass front door, the homeowner or buyer will need to consider a double cylinder deadbolt handleset.

Homes and offices can have a full or half glass front door. A great many people prefer a double cylinder deadbolt. A double cylinder deadbolt is opened with a key on both sides. So instead of a single turn on the inside this handleset has a keyhole inside just like the outside. There are many reasons why people like this type of door handleset; it is more difficult to open by someone who does not possess the key making it more secure. However, this type of door handlesets are not recommended for residential use as it may prevent people from getting out of the door quickly in the event of an emergency. They should only be used when there is an alternative escape route accessible.

Many people have a double door entry on their home or office. If there is a double front door, one side is rarely or never used while the other is always used, it will need a combination of two door handlesets. For the side that is used most often, installing a handleset with a single cylinder deadbolt is the best way to secure the door and allow for ease of use. On the door least used, a dummy handleset works well. It gives the look of a complete working door handle set, yet does not have or need all of the devices normally associated with door handlesets and locking mechanisms.

A Mortise door handleset is a combination of a Mortise lock and a deadbolt within a single case. Similar to a sash lock, mortise handlesets include both a latch lock, that is usually found above the attached dead bolt. For homeowners or businesses individuals who want to a single solution for a key door lock, Mortise handlesets represent the most inclusive choice.

Decorative door handlesets allow a homeowner to create a distinctive look that reflects the personal style of the owner or the business. Custom door hardware includes several finishes that are durable and attractive at the same time. In today’s marketplace door handlesets add a designer touch to homes and offices that won’t break the budget. It is easy to enrich the style of a home or office without going to extreme costs. Door handlesets are designed to coordinate with a home or office décor, they bring cohesion to the design and add elegance and security to any environment.

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