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Door Hardware

Browsing for Door Hardware is much less complicated than it might appear. Most door knobs and levers today fit standard measurements, so this is the very first thing you should verify. Check what backset you have, how thick your door is, and the dimensions of your bore holes. You’ll be able to check your individual measurements next to standard door preparation. If they match, almost all door hardware brands and styles will fit your doors. If you have any questions, give us a call and we’ll assist you in finding the best door hardware for your use. Door hardware can provide a quick face lift to your home.

Looking for the Best Door Hardware

Whether you are interested in replacing your old outdated or worn out Door Knobs, or you have a new home, we’ve got the door hardware for your project. Factory Direct Hardware has been providing great customer care to homeowners and builders with competitive online retail/wholesale prices for several years.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of a door knob or the elegance of a lever handle, we have a huge selection of styles to suit your own taste or design style. Before ordering your hardware there are many factors you should consider. As you start browsing, it’s essential to discover how your doors are prepared to enable you to purchase the best hardware for the task. Our Door Hardware Facts will assist you to figure out exactly what you need and will familiarize you with terms we use on our website.

Door knobs will be the most affordable choice for new or replacement hardware, and are fairly standard in size.

For a more elegant look, take a look at our wide range of Door Levers. We have levers from numerous Door Hardware Manufacturers and countless designs and finishes. Levers often require a little more planning when ordering as you may have to specify your door handing, but the upgraded look is worth the time spent.

Door Knob Functions

There are 4 primary functions designed for certain residential applications. We also supply commercial door knobs, but we’ll cover those options for in another article.

Keyed Entry Knob

Typically used on exterior doors or really any door that requires the additional protection of a door lock. These locking door knobs have a keyed cylinder on the exterior and when locked, require the use of a key for entry. From the interior, the door can be locked using a turn button, or push button/pin (depending on the brand). Some keyed entry locks also have a panic release feature where, from the inside, the lock can be deactivated for exit. If a lock does not have this panic release feature, the button must be turned to the unlocked position to disengage the latch mechanism. If you have a number of keyed locks in your project, we can easily key all locks to use the same key.

Privacy Door Knob

Privacy door knobs are typically used on bedrooms and bathrooms for privacy. These door knobs have a locking mechanism, but don’t have a keyed cylinder on the outside like an exterior lock. Privacy locks are less secure than keyed entry locks simply because you can pick the lock open using the tool furnished with the lock, or a hairpin or paper clip. This ability to unlock is necessary so you can get access to a room in the event a child locks themselves in or similar circumstances. Like keyed entry locks, privacy knobs have a turn button or push button/pin (depending on the brand) on the inside of the door.

Passage Door Knob

Passage locks do not lock. These are typically utilized on hall doors or closets that don’t need to be locked, but still require the usefulness of a functioning door knob on the door. Sometimes passage knobs are utilized on exterior doors where a deadbolt is mounted above.

Dummy Door Knob

Dummy door knobs are usually surface mounted on the door and don’t have a latch mechanism of any type. Dummy door knobs are offered individually or in pairs (depending on the brand).